Write in The Beginning (Why Setup a Single Product Page)

Many years ago, we set up a website to help start-ups to know better about a variety of packaging products in the world. We built hundreds of pages for different packaging styles, packaging material, printing, and printing finish options. As well as the free die-line templates, 3D box demonstrations, and so on. It helps many start-ups, by saving time for sourcing and order process. We detailed every point of packaging products, spend much effort by our marketing clerks.

With time pass by, we get huge visitors number, some of them tell us that the pictures on that page can’t be enlarged, and didn’t include a send inquiry button if they are interested in the product. We decide to shoot a lot of pictures from the packagings we made, and make it to a single page, with a separate description. The packaging product pictures can be enlarged, and you can see a brief introduction instead of a general packaging introduction.

So now the website includes the KNOWLEDGE BASE and SINGLE PRODUCT menu, which give you a general idea of packaging or specific product idea.

We care about your comments, if you have some suggestions on the website, please feel free to contact us- You are not helping us but also helping a lot of companies who are looking for correct custom paper packagings!

What’s Available For You (Click Image To Check Details)

Single Product- Customizable Rigid Rigid Boxes

Customizable Rigid Rigid Boxes

Single Product- Customizable Cardboard Tubes Cylinders

Customizable Cardboard Tubes Cylinders

Single Product- Customizable Folding Cartons Paper Boxes

Customizable Folding Cartons Paper Boxes

Single Product- Customizable Shipping Boxes Foldable Cartons

Customizable Shipping Boxes Foldable Cartons

Single Product- Customizable Cardboard Display Boxes

Customizable Cardboard Display Boxes

Single Product- Customizable Paper Bags

Customizable Paper Bags

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