Write in The Beginning (Why Setup a Single Product Page)

Many years ago, we created a website to help start-ups learn about a variety of packaging products worldwide. We built hundreds of pages showcasing different packaging styles, materials, printing and finishing options, as well as free die-line templates and 3D box demonstrations. Our website has been instrumental in saving time for sourcing and the order process, as we have detailed every aspect of packaging products with the help of our marketing clerks.

Over time, we have had a huge number of visitors to our website, some of whom have expressed their concerns about the pictures on the page not being enlargeable, and the lack of a “send inquiry” button if they were interested in a particular product. As a solution, we decided to take numerous pictures of the packagings we made and put them all on a single page with a separate description. The packaging product pictures are now easily expandable, and instead of a general packaging introduction, a brief overview is available.

Our website now includes two menus – the KNOWLEDGE BASE and SINGLE PRODUCT – which provide visitors with a general idea of packaging or a specific product idea.

We value your feedback, and if you have any suggestions for our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your suggestions will not only help us but also assist many companies looking for the right custom paper packagings!

What’s Available For You (Click Image To Check Details)

Single Product- Customizable Rigid Rigid Boxes

Customizable Rigid Rigid Boxes

Single Product- Customizable Cardboard Tubes Cylinders

Customizable Cardboard Tubes Cylinders

Single Product- Customizable Folding Cartons Paper Boxes

Customizable Folding Cartons Paper Boxes

Single Product- Customizable Shipping Boxes Foldable Cartons

Customizable Shipping Boxes Foldable Cartons

Single Product- Customizable Cardboard Display Boxes

Customizable Cardboard Display Boxes

Single Product- Customizable Paper Bags

Customizable Paper Bags

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