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The flexible structure of the counter displays the body and its insert. Based on your product size, you can get the most suitable box design to fit your ideal products

Single B flute (3mm thick) is the most recommended cardboard material. It is easy to fold up and give enough strength to the custom counter displays.

You can custom different printing content on a separate area of the custom counter displays. Matte or glossy lamination on the box would be excellent.

Find Videos of Cardboard Counter Top Displays

To let You have a better understanding of our works & ability in Custom Cardboard Counter Display, our marketing team has prepared some featured videos of Custom Cardboard Counter Display. From the below videos, You will see printing, printing finish, box material, and detailed information. If You like, just give a “like” or comment.

display boxes for retail sales for USA market
retail display box with dividers
women’s body care products display shelf
counter top display box for car towl
Unlimited Printing on Custom Counter Displays


Custom counter displays are not the final sales unit package for a product, but it may be the last impression before your customer decides to purchase. Such a big box body offers you enough rooms to display and describe your products. Then it’s a chance you will never want to miss, make impressive printing works!

As you can see on the left pictures, they are counter displays for cosmetic jars, eyelash products, sauce packaging, and toys packaging. With different printing content and high-quality printing results, customers will get a different version in different directions. How to do that? It’s simple.

With BPS, you will get a free template of custom counter displays die-line, then add your artworks onto. In the file, red lines always mean cutting, and black lines indicate folds. We would test your final die-line on mockup service or sample machine, let you know if it works. Yes, working with us, you just need to keep a peaceful mind.

Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd had passed FSC Certification, and we care about the environment as you did!



Custom counter displays are not always empty. Insert is an optional choice for you. On the right side picture, there are insert for lipstick tubes, insert for car towels, insert for oil bottle, and cosmetics bottles.

The benefits of adding insert are to sort your products out on counter displays, and they would stay in a fixed position and show to your customers. The inserts are not pre-installed in counter displays since the boxes are flat in shipping. In any case, we would give you instructions by email to assemble the insert, PDF, or video.

Moreover, the header area of the counter display can be a separate part or just an extended part of the box body. Is there any difference between the two parts? Yes, let me tell you the secret:

  1. You can get a new counter displays by replacing the separate header (new product promotion)
  2. An extended header may makes the full box overall size bigger than printing machineability.
  3. Extend header can be installed by a simple fold, simple than the separate header.

It doesn’t mean which one is better, but you can get the best between them.

Various Insert in Custom Counter Displays
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