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Joint-structure, makes the custom pallet displays extra strong and big. Long-life usage, FSC recycled cardboard material care for the environment.

Big scale in printing, you have enough space to apply multiple artworks on different sides of this pallet displays, along with plastic lamination or other printing coating.

No limit in size. You can get two by combining one with another one. Suitable for big supermarket sales, brand promotion, and new product/business advertisements.

Customer Success Story of Custom Pallet Displays

The customer case of the cardboard pallet displays below will give you an idea of our ability to customize, design, and shipping. We commit to quality, and you are invited!

Custom Cardboard Pallet Displays


The large size of a product does not necessarily equate to flexibility in structure. However, with its significant size, you can enjoy various combinations in pallet dislargeplay structure. If you have long-range and heavy products, traditional cardboard displays may not meet your needs. In that case, pallet displays would be the right choice.

On the left side are some common styles of custom pallet displays. The yellow one is a joint structure of custom floor displays with different sizes and prints. It also has a big printed header on top, and it is perfect for food packaging. The upper-middle one is ideal for displaying bottled products. It is joint with a pallet base and several small tray displays. The right red one has two cardboard shelves, and it is perfect for displaying car toys. The down middle side is joint with four single pallets displays, and it is ideal for displaying milk and coffee products.

Do not be afraid to join them together! We have taken care of the connections in advance and have included the correct connection tools with each unit. After folding up each structure, it will be easy to join them together.

Custom pallet displays also have a long lifespan. We guarantee their quality for five years after your purchase from us.


Body cream, shampoo, and other body care products are usually packaged in plastic bottles and then placed in outer cardboard packaging. However, traditional cardboard display boxes may not be suitable as they can be too heavy. The best option would be to use a tray connected to a pallet.

On the right side of the picture, you can see the trays stacked onto the pallet. The structure of the tray may vary depending on how many layers you need to stack. To make the tray stronger, we add another layer of cardboard on the side of the shelf to support the box.

This type of custom cardboard pallet tray is reusable. After the customer has removed the products, you can refill it again.

Custom Tray Pallet Displays
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