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Custom dump bins are the most strong displays box from Vertical direction. You can load as much as 1,000 KGS weight in a dump bin.

Easy for assembling. With Shanghai BPS, cardboard dump bins structure is being simplified, and we make connect area perfect.

Custom dump bins are suitable for the long-range products display. Able to display multiple products in a single dump bin without in order.

Customer Success Story of Custom Dump Bins

The customer case of the cardboard dump bins below will give you an idea of our ability to customize, design, and shipping. We commit to quality, and you are invited!

Custom The Dump Bins for Your Products


Dump bins are a fabulous retail prepared solution that gives your item more outstanding noticeable quality in-store. Retail dump bins can be utilized to help dispatch another scope of items, advance fantastic offers, or empower drive purchasing. With the basic privilege outline and fine art, dump bins can enable you to expand deals and emerge from the group.

Get them customized from printing, structure, size, and insert. If you are looking for impressive options, we suggest you go with offset printing or flexo printing if you are with a cost-effective mind. By sending us a simple product specification, we will create a relative custom dump bins structure for you to preview or more options for you to choose from.

Moreover, if you want to see a sample, let us know. Our digital printed sample machine enables you to get a sample within a week. That is fast, correct?

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