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Corrugated cardboard boxes come from wavy paperboard, which is sandwiched between two flat sheets of paperboard. The most common use for corrugated cardboard is in the making of cardboard packing and shipping containers or boxes. Corrugated cardboard was patented in England in 1856. Corrugated cardboard is also called pleated paper and used as a liner for hot boxes, designed to protect tall hats.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are used throughout the world for moving, because they are very safe, unlike another cardboard. They are made with three different layers to protect the goods inside. Corrugated cardboard uses large corrugation machines that can create cardboard at a speed of 500 lineal feet per minute.

Corrugated cardboard takes primarily because it is lightweight and versatile. It is made from renewable resources, so they are considered environmentally friendly. There are four types of corrugated cardboard boxes; they are:

Single-wall Board

Covered on either side with a sheet of liner cardboard, the single-wall corrugated board uses one ply of fluted paperboard. Due to its sturdy yet lightweight property, these types of corrugated cardboard boxes are made for everyday shipping.

Single-face Board

As for packing material like bubble wrap or packing peanuts, single-face corrugated cardboard used most often. A single-face corrugated board is a single ply of fluted paperboard.

Tri-Wall Board

With a ply of a cardboard liner in between each layer, tri-wall corrugated boards comprise three piles of fluted paper glued together. They create very sturdy and damage-resistant boxes because a cardboard liner is sticking to the exposed outer surfaces. They are often used to ship cumbersome items, as well as in the warehouse, for stacking heavy packages on top of each other.

Double-Wall Board

Separated by a cardboard liner glued in between, double-wall corrugated boards comprise two piles of fluted paperboard. To each exposed outer flute surface, a cardboard liner is sticking together then. Double-wall corrugated board boxes are the best to moderate-heavy items that will be shipped.

It is best to buy corrugated cardboard boxes if you want to cut costs and have an economical move. You can find these kinds of cardboard moving boxes easily with many moving companies. There are a lot of sites, which sell these boxes second hand, or even you want to get them for free.

Keep the mind not to dump them after a single use and always make sure to choose the boxes that are of recyclable material.

If you are looking for recycled cardboard corrugated boxes, We are proud of the truth that we can FSC certified manufacturer!

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