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Find Videos of Custom Cardboard Tubes

To let You have a better understanding of our works & ability in custom cardboard tubes, our marketing team has prepared some featured videos of custom cardboard tubes. From the below videos, You will see printing, printing finish, box material, and detailed information. If You like, give a “like” or comment.

Some of the cardboard tubes below are made from FSC certified cardboard material.

Hot Foil Stamping Cardboard Tubes


Hot foil stamping is not only used for paper boxes and Printed items but also suitable for cardboard tubes. We have Silver foil stamping, gold foil stamping, red foil stamping, or any other custom color foil stamping per your requests.

As you can see in the left side picture, they are some kinds of hot foil stamping cardboard tubes, and it enhances your brand visibility well. Foil stamping can last longer than standard printing, and more eye-catching. You can send images or mock-up to us, and we will create a related foil stamping template to get some preparations. Anywhere Foil stamping- Yes, no matter on outside, inside of cardboard tubes, or even on the top bottom, they are workable. Feel free to contact us and will send you some ideas for custom printed cardboard tubes cylinders.


You can easily give your cosmetic products a new home by using a printed cardboard tube. Make it unique and more outstanding. Moreover, the cardboard tube is better for protecting your products, and it was made from thick cardboard.

As far as we apply, the cosmetic tubes used as a Facial oil packaging, spa oil packaging, herbal oil packaging, skin cream packaging, and so on. When you design a tube, you just need to make the design flat on the body area and round shape on two ends. Don’t worry about template, and our designers would send you accurate cardboard tube die-line upon your requests. Making the tubes fitting tight will enable them to leak prevention and avoid Sunshine.

Cosmetic Cardboard Tubes Cylinders
Printed Kraft Cardboard Tubes


Some people want to make their custom cardboard tubes fancy printed. Meanwhile, some people wish the tubes look natural. By printing the tubes with wooden images or just keep it brown, you will get it.

On the left side picture, you will see many kinds of Kraft color cardboard tubes. Some are natural Kraft paper colors, and some are wooden printed. Kraft tubes had been used as tea packaging, seed oil packaging, organic facial oil packaging, dried fruits, and office supplies. Before ordering custom printed cardboard tubes cylinders, you need to think over what needs to be packed inside and How-To.

Customer Success Story

The customer case of the cardboard tube below will give you an idea of our ability to customize, design, and shipping. We commit to quality, and you are invited!

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