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What is Rigid Cardboard?

Rigid cardboard refers to a type of packaging material that is characterized by its stiffness and durability. The term “rigid cardboard” is typically used to describe three different types of board materials: chipboard, greyboard, and wood board. These materials have varying degrees of thickness, ranging from 1mm to 10mm, and are typically composed of multiple layers that are laminated together to create a single, solid sheet.

What is a Rigid Cardboard Box?

A rigid cardboard box is a type of packaging box that is made from rigid cardboard material. These boxes are typically constructed with thick walls and a sturdy base, which makes them ideal for protecting delicate or fragile items during shipping and handling. Rigid cardboard boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are often used to package high-end or luxury products due to their professional appearance and superior protective properties.

Rigid Box Styles

There are several different styles of rigid cardboard boxes, each of which offers unique benefits and features. Some of the most common rigid box styles include:

  • Lift-off lid boxes: These boxes feature a separate lid that can be lifted off to access the contents of the box. This style is often used for high-end products such as jewelry, watches, and electronics.
  • Collapsible boxes: These boxes are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled for storage and transportation. They are often used for retail displays or as packaging for subscription boxes.
  • Drawer sliding boxes: These boxes feature a sliding drawer that can be pulled out to access the contents of the box. They are often used for luxury products such as cosmetics or perfumes.
  • Magnetic closure boxes: These boxes feature a magnetic closure that keeps the lid securely in place. This style is often used for high-end products such as wine, spirits, and gourmet food items.

Customization Options for Rigid Cardboard Boxes

One of the main benefits of rigid cardboard boxes is that they can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of a business or product. Some of the most common customization options for rigid cardboard boxes include:

  • Custom box sizes: Rigid cardboard boxes can be made in almost any size or shape, allowing businesses to create packaging that perfectly fits their product.
  • Custom box colors: Rigid cardboard boxes can be printed in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing businesses to create packaging that reflects their brand and product.
  • Custom box inserts: Rigid cardboard boxes can be fitted with custom inserts such as foam padding or molded plastic trays, which can help protect and showcase the product inside.

Applications of Rigid Cardboard Boxes

Rigid cardboard boxes are used to package a wide range of high-end or luxury products, including:

  • Wine and spirits: Rigid cardboard boxes are often used to package high-end wines, spirits, and gourmet food items.
  • Cosmetics and beauty products: Rigid cardboard boxes are commonly used to package cosmetics, perfumes, and other beauty products.
  • Jewelry and watches: Rigid cardboard boxes are often used to package luxury jewelry and watches, as they provide superior protection and a professional appearance.
  • Electronics: Rigid cardboard boxes are commonly used to package high-end electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  • Food items: Rigid cardboard boxes are sometimes used to package high-end food items such as chocolates or baked goods.

In conclusion, rigid cardboard boxes are a versatile and highly customizable packaging solution that offers superior protection and a professional appearance. They can be customized in a variety of ways, from size and color to the inclusion of custom inserts.

What Do We Supply With Custom Rigid Boxes

Magnetic Closure Box Style

Magnetic Closure

Collapsible Box Style

Collapsible Box

Lift off Lid Box Style

Lift-off Lid

Drawer Box Style

Drawer Box

Custom Style Box Style

Custom Shape

Find Videos of Custom Rigid Boxes

Our marketing team has created showcase videos of our custom cardboard rigid boxes to demonstrate our capabilities in printing techniques, finishes, materials, and other details. Please like and comment if you enjoy the videos.

Various board options for custom rigid boxes

Explanation of Different Boards Used For Custom Rigid Boxes:

Grey Board: Both sides of the board are grey. If the inside of the box is not coated with paper, the inside of the box will also be grey.

Grey Board White Back: One side of the board is grey and the other side is white. It is recommended to use the white side as the interior of the box for a more elegant appearance.

MDF Board: Medium Density Fiberboard is used for heavy-duty product packagings such as wine gift boxes, high-end jewelry boxes, luxury watch boxes, and medal packaging boxes.

HDF Board: High-Density Fiberboard is used to pack most heavy items or luxury items.

Customizing Board Color: You can request custom board colors and we can print directly on the boards or laminate printed paper on them. We have printed black, green, silver, and yellow colors on the boards. If you have a specific color in mind, we can provide real pictures for your reference.

Freedom in Board Thickness: Our stock material ranges from 0.8mm to 3mm, covering almost 80% of the product range. If you require thinner or thicker boards, we can achieve this by splitting or double-laminating the boards.

Printing Options For Custom Rigid Boxes

Embossing on Custom Rigid Boxes

Embossing on Custom Rigid Boxes

Debossing on Custom Rigid Boxes

Debossing on Custom Rigid Boxes

Soft Touch Film Lamination on Custom Rigid Boxes

Soft Touch Film Lamination on Custom Rigid Boxes

Glossy and Matt Lamination on Custom Rigid Boxes

Glossy and Matt Lamination on Custom Rigid Boxes

SPOT UV on Custom Rigid Boxes

SPOT UV on Custom Rigid Boxes

Hot Foil Stamping on Custom Rigid Boxes

Hot Foil Stamping on Custom Rigid Boxes

XPE Foam Insert

XPE Foam Insert and Pad

Low-density foam, chemical name is Cross-linked polyethylene. It is quite a compound material with smart and freelance obdurate foramen, smooth surface, and sensible elasticity. In the meantime, it’s conjointly filled with high mechanics intensity and intelligent heat insulation- good waterproof, well resistant to aging, to heat, to chemical corrosion, and different environments.

EPE Foam Insert

EPE Foam Inserts

Medium-density foam, full name Expanded Polyethylene Foam. The most popular box foam insert, widely used in box packaging and buffer material, is a molded semi-rigid, non-cross-linked and closed-cell kind of polythene foam that features a near-infinite quantity of applications attributable to the subsequent characteristics: Non-abrasive.

Paper Pulp Inserts

Paper Pulp Formed Inserts

Paper pulp insert is also called the molded pulp. From the name, you can quickly get to know that the material is pulp. After newspaper and paper packaging being recycled, the pulp needs to be transferred to a paper material or being directly used- molded pulp. The advantage of paper pulp inserts is low costs with good environmental effect.

Plastic Blister Insert

Plastic Blister Vacuum Formed Inserts

Blister, also called Thermo-formed in box inserts industry, is a producing method wherever a plastic sheet is heated to a pliable forming temperature, shaped to a specific shape during a mold, and cut to make a usable product.

EVA Foam Insert

EVA Foam Inserts

Great high-density foam, is short for Ethylene-vinyl acetate, is the polymer of alkene and vinyl acetate. The burden percent vinyl acetate sometimes varies from ten to four-hundredth, with the rest being alkene.

Cardboard Insert

Cardboard Insert Dividers

Cardboard Insert is widely being used in a razor packing box, calculator box packaging, perfume packaging box, etc. Shanghai custom packaging supplies various custom inserts to meet different customer’s requirements.

Quality Control

Combine with several certifications of the factory, and we also have strict factory management. For example, we are FSC certified custom rigid box supplier.

Sample match design work, bulk order match sample, 99.5% approved quality check before shipping out- That is our principle.

Quality Result Guarantee

Result guarantee means we ensure you will be our happy customer. If anything happened by mistake on us, we could refund or replace defected items without question asked.
Yes, the first factory in Shanghai guarantees and obey such promise over 20 years.

If you are looking for FSC certificated cardboard boxes, feel free to contact us, we are the right box vendor for you!

FSC Certification Cardboard Box Manufacturer

Order Process of Custom Rigid Boxes

Are you tired of using flimsy packaging that fails to protect your products during shipping? Do you want to ensure that your products reach your customers in pristine condition? Then it’s time to switch to rigid cardboard boxes.

Rigid cardboard boxes are made from a stiff and strong material that provides unparalleled protection for your products. Designed to withstand the rigors of shipping, handling, and storage, these boxes ensure that your products arrive in the same condition as they were when they left your facility.

But that’s not all. Rigid cardboard boxes are also highly customizable. With a variety of sizes, shapes, and printing options to choose from, you can create the perfect packaging solution for your products. This customization allows you to showcase your brand and increase brand recognition, which can help build brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

In addition to their durability and customization options, rigid cardboard boxes are also eco-friendly. Made from recycled materials, these boxes are recyclable and biodegradable, making them a great choice for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

And the best part? Rigid cardboard boxes are cost-effective. With their strength and durability, these boxes reduce the risk of damage during shipping, which can save you money on replacements and returns.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a packaging solution that offers protection, customization, eco-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness, look no further than rigid cardboard boxes. Make the switch today and see the difference for yourself!