Small Corrugated Retail Counter Top Displays

Focus Features:

  • Full Color Lithographic Laminate
  • Custom cut out on box body
  • Easy to be folded up
  • Eco-friendly material
  • No layers for a more significant room place products into

Counter Display Has a Wide Range of Usage

Shanghai BPS offers a comprehensive range of purpose of purchase counter displays that are strategically designed for various retail product display needs. Our cardboard counter displays serve as handout holders, disc display racks, DVD displays, scratch ring ledge displays, ballet boxes, suggestion boxes, peg displays, and more.

Our sturdy cardboard counter displays are lightweight, and our expertly assembled counter display units are made of high-quality corrugated material. Most POP counter displays come fully assembled, ready for retail product stacking.

The Small Retail Countertop Displays

Small Corrugated Retail Counter Top Displays are commonly used as a means of showcasing products on a shelf, providing customers with easy access to explore and try out different product options. Counter units are useful when a high level of consumer interaction is desired with the product and also when there are space limitations in the retail environment.

They offer flexible positioning and are often placed near point-of-sale terminals, increasing the opportunity for impulse or extended purchases.

The Small Corrugated Retail Counter Top Displays are made with a variety of materials, including paperboard, plastic, and acrylic. This design provides an interesting and accessible curated collection.