Smart Device Retail Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Guaranteed protection for most small electric device items.
  • Shipping and storage in flat, save your money.
  • Single wall and double wall available for this retail box style.
  • Up to 4 color printed on the brown cardboard, makes it natural looking and eco-friendly.
  • 200 lb. test approved
  • Special discount with quantity over 3,000 pieces.
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Details of Smart Device Retail Packaging Box

This box made for the famous IOT company- Thixtra and Sigfox. It’s one piece box, can be folded up by hand within four steps and one minute.

The smart device retail packaging box does not include any insert into since the item is the same size as the packaging box, fit properly. If you want, we suggest a plastic film bag to pack it, and the device will be away from scratch and moisture.

Together with the packaging box, there is a printed manual. The manual is white with black text printing. Introduce your products and company, that’s worthy enough to do.

Working with Shanghai BPS, you will spend each cent on packaging where they need to go. Interested in this kind smart device packaging box? Let’s create together!

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