Smart Home Device Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Made-to-Size option
  • Round corner to protect finger getting scratched
  • Accurate printing on absolutely center of the box
  • Foldable in shipping
  • white Kraft interior paper adds the beauty of the whole box
  • Matt Lamination film, waterproof
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What Is Important For Smart Home Device Packaging Box?

Solid structure and cardboard material should be the first consideration. All sellers want their products are in perfect condition while arriving, and then you should find a high-quality cardboard material.

Secondly, printing should be excellent. Offset printing is recommended, as it offers high-quality results from your design. It provides you eye-catching packaging for customers.

Finally, shipping cost and storage cost-wise are essential. You may purchase 1000 boxes, and if it can be foldable and fast set-up process, you can gain a lot of benefit in shipping and storage.

Smart Home Device packaging box adds a round corner edge on the box, and it will prevent children while they catch the box, cardboard is Sharpe sometimes.

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