Snack Food Mailer Box Double Side Printing

Focus Features:

  • Double side printed, both sides are Offset printed with full color.
  • Roll-end Tuck top style assembled up without glue or tape.
  • Much stronger than normal single wall boxes, suitable for long distant shipping and moisture environment.
  • Optional box inserts available depends on your products.
  • Fast lead time, short as 3 days, long as 12 days.
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How To Make Box Double Side Printed?

Some customers would ask for inside printing, and it is possible when you are working with us. Inside print can add a more beauty feeling to the packaging, which seems stylish, impressive, and high-level. We will tell you the way to make it two sides printed, on the design end, and the production process.

Design The Box With Double-Sided Printed

Once your designer creates the mailbox die-line or offered by us, the first thing to do is just copy & paste another piece on the same background. One piece is for front side printing, and another side is for inside printing. Place two different printing artwork onto. All other design processes & notice keep the same as standard box design. If you need help, just check out the box design guidance article.

Produce The Box With Double Side Printed

There is only one difference between single side Offset printed box, and double-side printed box- Add a procedure to laminate printed paperboard on inside of the cardboard. As you may know, Offset printed paperboard is laminated with the two layers corrugated fiberboard after it gets printed. So just laminate another sheet to the inside. Both sides can be printed, and printing finished. For example, add glossy lamination on outside and inside.

About Snack Food Mailer Box Double Side Printing

Can you figure out how many colors on this box? The answer is six colors. CMYK + 2 Pantone colors.

This box size 20*20*5cm, perfect size for snack bar being placed. Lovely color offers a purchase action to customers.

Do you want to make some product packaging boxes similar to this snack food mailer box? Contact us once you have an idea!

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