Solid Table Game Sets Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Full-over high glossy film lamination, water-proof
  • The full-covered lid to the base, add extra strength to the box
  • Komori Printing machine lead to high-resolution artwork printing result
  • The inside box can be white or customized color
  • Made from premium cardboard
  • Can be customized shape for any game
  • Optional box inserts available
Let’s Customize It Now!
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Game Boxes With Bespoke Trays To Suit Your Own Board Game

Packaging your board game will seem to be one thing of a challenge; however, we tend to can build the method straightforward and design a box and tray which will suit your components correctly.

Inner Tray of Solid Table Game Sets Packaging Box

These are typically manufactured from card be printed one color or full color (or something special), and if you are feeling sporting can have a variety of specially finished from gloss varnishes to foils.

Plastic formed trays are another choice? these need a minimum order of around 3000 copies as they are doing incur a mold set up fee. They will be any color you wish subject to quantity or price. They will even have flocking applied for a soft velvety and opulent feel.

Boxes And On The Far Side

From hinged boxes to magnetic closure, there are numerous different designs accessible. However, do not feel certain by a box! Bags are getting increasingly popular options moreover.
Dynamic, attention-getting packaging drives the planet of retail. Your custom boxes are that the 1st component of a board game that your potential customer sees. High-end luxury packaging is that the thanks to standing out on the shelf, making a pristine canvas for that includes your game’s design, informational blurbs or stories, and detailed game piece pictures. Internally, your custom game box may be fitted with precise foam inserts for securing distinctive parts and thermoformed plastic partitions for separating cards or dice. Begin with a conventional telescope box or upgrade with magnets and handles for a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Working with BPS, we give you a dedicated result!

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