Spaghetti Connection System Tube Packaging

Focus Features:

  • Tiny body, perfect glue on all edges
  • Flexible tube neck size can be fully covered, half-covered or slightly covered
  • caps and bottom can add printing work
  • Inner brown or white color available
  • Mock-up service before ordering

Why Use Cardboard Tube Packaging?

Enhance your brand with unique printing options. With box packaging, you can apply your logo or image on the full body to create a distinctive look. The round tube style of packaging provides customers with a special feeling for your products, making them stand out from the rest. This type of packaging is particularly well-suited for great products such as folded T-shirts, tools, essential oils, bottled perfumes, and more. The compact size of the tube allows for a unique and memorable packaging experience.

Need Mock-up For The Tubes?

Sure, with BPS, you can enjoy a mock-up service for your products before placing an order, so you can see your ideas come to life. No matter how complex your artwork may be, we can make it happen! Our cardboard tube orders start from a minimum quantity of 1,000 pieces, as the mold cost is high. We are not limited to the Spaghetti Connection System Tube Packaging; we can create custom cardboard tubes for various products!