Description of special box shape

Special box shape here include octagon and hexagon boxes, heart shape boxes, and rotate boxes, we would give an update on this article time by time. 

Special box shape, like Pantone color, they are easily being recognized by eyes, even with higher costs, some customer will choose them as a package for their ideal products. 

Moreover, special box shape are normally more durable than standard structures, they are widely used in rocks packaging, watermealon packaging, Asphalt packaging and other heavy duty request packagings. Below is a description box include some items we offer:

Octagon Box

octagon box shape for watermelon die-cut design

octagon box shape for watermelon die cut design

Octagon shape watermelon packaging box

Octagon shape watermelon packaging box

It’s a kind of fruit packaging box shape, need the box material be solid and rigid enough.

Octagon watermelon packaging box with lid

Octagon watermelon packaging box with lid

With plastic pallet, the box can be stuck many layers, depends on the material quality.

One of our customers uses octagon box for rocks shipping, which weight more than 700 KGS. With triple layer corrugated fiberboard, which can be as thick as 18mm, easily get the rocks sleeping into the box. No need add more insert into, just put the rocks into the octagon box, closing the lid, then use pallet or forklifts to load into trucks, this kind box is eco-friendly and recyclable.

Another customer uses the box to pack watermelon, which is a good choice. Octagon packaging box is big enough to pack 10-13 pieces watermelon, if you need to pack more, please contact with box packing solution team, we will customize a nice octagon watermelon box for you. It’s around 50 times using, before the box going to be wasted.

Hexagon Box

Similar to Octagon box, Hexagon box has only 6 sides, always being used for gift packaging, human coffin box or pet coffin box, flower packaging or even food packaging. We also offer high-end Hexagon rigid gift box for Honey Jars.

Brown Kraft hexagon paper packaging box

brown kraft hexagon paper special box shape

Hinged lid hexagon corrugated packaging box, with a closure tab on the top to secure the box.

Hexagon gift packaging rigid cardboard box with ribbon

Hexagon gift packaging rigid box with ribbon

A special telescope shape gift box, good choice for wedding packaging and gifting.

Heart Shaped Box

Heart shape box means romantic, pack with candy, chocolate, decorations, and flowers. It’s a little complicate in producing, so the price higher than other common shape boxes.The paper material applies could be kraft paper, corrugated fiberboard, virgin paperboard or rigid cardboard (Duplex board coated with printed paper).

Top bottom heart shape chocolate box

heart shape chocolate box special box shape

Valentine’s day gift packaging box, gold foil stamped logo on top.

Printed template for heart shape cake box

special box shape template of heart shape box

A simple design of heart-shaped candy packaging and cake packaging.

Heart shape candy box for wedding

heart shape candy box

The red laminated paper inside and outside, stay the food fresh.

Heart shape flower box rose box

heart shape flower box rose box

Customized logo and brand can be added to the box.

Rotate Box

Rotate box means the box has many layers and each layer can rotate moving around, this is a very special style, developed and designed by box packing solution team. The material is 2mm duplex board coated with 157gsm art paper, printed and printing finished. We hereby not attach the design template as it’s a business confidential between our customer and us.

Rotate wine gift packaging box

Rotate wine gift packaging box

It’s a unique design of wine packaging box, rotates the box then get the bottle.

Rotate gift cosmetic packaging box

Rotate gift cosmetic packaging box

Silver metallic paper coated with the duplex board, triple layers available to be customized.

Free Box Dieline For Special Box Styles

Below is a die-line template design for special unique shape box die line, click to download. For more 1,000+ free dieline template download, please check here.

unique shape paper box template

unique shape paper box template

Ask For More Design And Demonstration Of Special Box Shape

Limited by the length of an article, we could not list every special box design here, but if you are interested in us, please contact with us, we will send you more information or give you a Video/Powerpoint DEMO for them. Meanwhile, if we found some ideal box shape, the article will be updated.

sepcial shape wine gift packaging box

Special shape wine gift packaging box.

top and bottom gift box with sepcial shape

Top and bottom gift box with a special shape.

Corrugated board special shape fruit tray packaging

Corrugated board special shape fruit tray packaging.

rigid special shape jewelry packaging box

Rigid paperboard special shape jewelry packaging box.

rigid special shape gift box

Rigid cardboard special shape gift box.

leatherette coated triangle shape top bottom gift box

Leatherette coated triangle shape top bottom gift box.