Take Away Box Paperboard Sleeve

Focus Features:

  • Made to size (Bespoke Paperboard Sleeves)
  • Printed inside and outside
  • Can be opened from two sides
  • Variety printing and printing finish options available
  • The foldable and fast set-up process

Why Opt for Take Away Box Paperboard Sleeve?

Box sleeve printing and packaging allow you to impress customers with an animated logo and even show your product through a content window. If you want to attract immediate attention to your product, printed sleeves are a great way to gain a competitive sales edge and package your product conveniently.

For an effective yet simple packaging solution, these food sleeves are an excellent choice. Custom print this cardboard sleeve food packaging to ensure maximum marketing opportunities. These food sleeves can be conveniently used as an overslip to cover a corrugated box, or you can use them in conjunction with a food tray. You can also use these food sleeves to create a custom wrap around your food product.

With their open sides, these food sleeves guarantee a clear and unobstructed view of your food product. If needed, you can add custom die-cuts to our food sleeve packaging for a custom fit around product abnormalities, while ensuring the original secure fit possible.

Options for the Sleeves

Custom printed sleeves are made-to-order and die-cut to your specifications, so you can choose the exact size you need. The practical minimum order quantity starts from 500 units.