Thermos Cup Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Custom printed color, multiple colors as many as ten colors.
  • Tuck top box style, easy to be opened. Snap bottom style, the 1-2-3 bottom, can be stable when the box shakes and rock while shipping.
  • Optional printing finish available to make the box stylish.
  • Flat shipping, the insert can be collapsible also.
  • THE Low MOQ request starts from 500 pieces.
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Why Custom Retail Packaging Boxes Made From Corrugated Cardboard Material?

Retail packaging box, it’s a kind of fast-moving consumer goods packaging. Since the packaging box quantity is so vast and daily needed, so it requires high quality but low-cost packaging to meet that goal, then corrugated retail packaging box will be the best choice, below are some features:

  1. Corrugated cardboard can load heavy items, foldable for shipping.
  2. Fast producing lead time.
  3. The low cost compares to rigid cardboard boxes, display boxes, and some MDF board boxes.
  4. Flexible printing options on the surface.

About This Thermos Cup Packaging Box

The box made from 3mm thick corrugated cardboard, full color printed on surface, glossy film lamination to avoid water and moisture. The cup is 5lbs weight, which is heavy. We apply 300gsm+170gsm+200gsm imported US Kraft corrugated board as the raw material. The box only has one side to be glued, can be opened from the top only.

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