Toy Helicopter Retail Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • The outside is corrugated cardboard laminate with a golden color specialty paperboard.
  • One piece of plastic window attached to the front side makes the toy helicopter shows up.
  • Plastic handle on top, the box is take-away-able.
  • The box passed the ECT32 test, strong and durable for long-distance shipping.

Details of The Toy Helicopter Retail Packaging Box

The Toy Helicopter Retail Packaging Box is not just a convenient way to ship toys but also a great marketing tool for toy manufacturers. Designed with a sturdy paperboard material and adorned with colorful printing, this packaging box ensures the safe and secure delivery of toys while promoting the brand’s products. The box is specially crafted with a handle on top, making it easy for children to carry their new toy home. This feature makes it a popular choice in supermarkets and toy stores alike.

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