Toys Packaging Box Display with Perforation Line

Focus Features:

  • Thick paperboard material, easy to fold.
  • Semi-perforation lines, after tearing-off, the box will be like a display box.
  • Full over flap for extra protection.
  • Spot UV added on logo and emoji, regardless of the perforate box area.
  • Eco-friendly material can be recycled

Corrugated Box And Paperboard Box Can Be Added With Perforate System

Perforated boxes are often used for products that require easy access and display, such as toys or other retail items. The perforation lines allow for quick and easy opening of the box without the need for scissors or other cutting tools, making it convenient for customers to access the product. The perforation line can also serve as a display feature, allowing the product to be visible without having to fully remove it from the packaging. This can be especially useful for items that need to be examined or tested before purchase, such as toys with multiple parts or electronic devices. Additionally, perforated boxes are typically made from sturdy materials such as cardboard, which provides protection for the product during shipping and handling. Overall, perforated boxes are a convenient and practical solution for retailers looking to showcase their products while also ensuring their safe delivery to customers.

What Do You Need To Consider On Design For Perforate Box (Box With Perforation Line)?

Make sure that your design is placed somewhere along the perforation line for cutting. If you want to avoid it, move your artwork away or redo the perforation line. This type of box is commonly used for pen packaging, nuts packaging, snack food packaging, and more. If you need a box that can serve as a master carton for shipping and displaying products for sale, then this is the one you want!

Want Free Design For Toys Packaging Box Display with Perforation Line?-Perforated Box

We offer a free die-line design for toys packaging boxes. Please check our free die-line template page for more information. Here is an example: