Tuck End Box

Tuck end box has 2 sides tucked flap, which is most convenient fold style of paper box, the closure flaps on top and bottom in the same or opposite direction, with the bottom folding in front and top panel fold in rear, could be assembled by hand or machine. range from the direction of two side flaps, it has Reverse tuck-end box (RTE) and Straight tuck-end box (STE). With E flute corrugated fiberboard or kraft paper, it has nice performance in thickness and durable ability, meanwhile the folding process will be very easy. Also for a medical box, cosmetic box, and other small products packaging, some customer will choose white virgin paperboard.

Reverse tuck end box (RTE)

2 long side closure flap on the opposite side of the box, more cost-effective than STE (straight tuck-end box), as one printing mold or die-cutting mold, can arrange more units as its special structure.

Printing mold of reverse tuck end box

printing mold of reverse tuck end box

The RTE box style saves more space while printing, then the unit cost is lower than STE box style.

Printed small reverse tuck end box

Printed small reverse tuck end box

We will add blood area to each printing order.

Small cosmetics reverse tuck end box

Small cosmetics reverse tuck end box

Elegant body shape, natural appearance.

Straight tuck end box (STE)

Different from RTE (reverse tuck end box), the STE box two side closure flap is on the same panel side, even it has a little higher cost than RTE, but a lot of people would choose this box style as it seems more regular. From our experience, the STE box has been applied to vitamin packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, candy packaging, perfume box packaging, soapbox packing and candle packaging.

Printing mold of straight tuck-end box

printing mold of straight tuck end box

STE box style always has a larger size than RTE box style when putting on printing prepare mold.

Small cosmetics straight tuck end box

small cosmetics straight tuck end box

Silver metallic paper coated with matt lamination, 3 color printing.

Straight tuck-end body bar packaging

Straight tuck end body bar packaging

The shiny finish on the box, gold foil stamping on the area.

Advantage and Disadvantage of tuck end box

No matter it’s straight or reverses tuck end box, they will have same features as below:

  1. Economical packaging solution when using this box style.
  2. Easy open and close.
  3. Flat in shipping.
  4. Only pack for light products.
  5. The box needs to be small size when applying this structure into.

Ask for a demonstration for the tuck end boxes

If you do not fully understand this box style, please feel free to contact us by email, whats app or directly make a call to us, we will make a demonstration for this kind box. From material, printing, folding and unfolding, bring you to a real feeling. Our email address is marketing@shpkg.com, same as Skype.
For demonstration we have made already, please visit our packaging-demonstration for more information.

More Sample pictures for RTE and STE

Tuck end soap packing box

tuck-end soap packing box

Sticker sealed top, promote your brand and make package safety.

Tuck end cosmetics packing box

tuck end cosmetics packing box

Gloss varnish on the cosmetic box, size 10*6*30cm.

Brown paper tuck end box

Brown paper tuck end box

6*3*20cm size, natural brown kraft paper material.

Free tuck end cosmetic paper box template design

We offer free reverse tuck end box template and straight tuck end box template design in this article, which is most popular. If you need the box add a window, just cut an area on the box body.

straight tuck end box 3D model

more free tuck end box template