Two Pieces Chocolate Rigid Box

Focus Features:

  • Folden specialty paper coated on grey board, interior white.
  • White virgin paperboard insert
  • Brand printed sticker on top of the box
  • Base with lift-off lid, two pieces.
  • Quantity over MOQ can be produced by automatic machine instead of hand
  • Available in a diverse variety of sizes and styles
  • Easy to set-up

Enhance Your Brand With Two Pieces Chocolate Rigid Box

Two pieces chocolate rigid box made from food grade paperboard can directly touch food. There are no fancy colors onto the box, but it still looks classic. We are available for many options. Whatever you want customized printing on the box directly instead of a sticker, or you want a different number of inserts, we can change every single detail for you. By adding a plastic window on top, this will be better.

Where Can We Deliver The Boxes To?

All around the world. The chocolate box is eco-friendly, and we obey the export rules in China, only deliver high-quality chocolate boxes with your brand.

Can This Box Be Made To Foldable?

Yes, but not suggested. Chocolate box always small, even it’s easy for us to make it foldable, but it doesn’t make sense in saving shipping costs and storage costs, which are the advantage of foldable rigid gift boxes. (They have inserts) Moreover, those boxes take time to be set up on your side when you pack chocolates into it.