Two Pieces Jewelry Box

Focus Features:

  • Top and bottom structure, solid enough to pack jewels and protect them while shipping.
  • Dark green printing, logo gold foil stamping.
  • Soft fabric lining cover on the interior
  • 2mm thick rigid cardboard material, recycled and eco-friendly.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Open Your Mind To Design A Jewelry Box

Have you ever found that jewelry boxes are very flexible in their structure and raw material, didn’t like some box with fixed material and structure? For example, wine box almost 100% takes rigid cardboard as the material. However, jewelry boxes are different- They could make from corrugated material, think paperboard material, rigid cardboard material, or even plastic material. The reason is that jewelry has so many classes, different jewel box need to reflect their level in the market. The picture showed a two pieces jewelry box, and it’s for the medium-class jewelry market.

Except for two pieces of box structure, we can also supply customized rigid jewelry drawer boxes, customized rigid jewelry magnetic closure boxes, and customized rigid jewelry collapsible boxes. Except for rigid box material, we have printed corrugated fiberboard, painted MDF board, printed paperboard material, and printed blister plastic material.

Now It’s The Time To Order From Us

From 2018-08-01, Shanghai BPS has extended it’s comprehensive Delivery-to-door service to 200 countries, and it can almost cover your requests. Also, we have made our MOQ to 500 pieces, and some big sizes can be 250 pieces. Working with Shanghai BPS, you do not only get a batch of packaging boxes, but also a professional packaging expert around you!

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