UK Red Tea Packaging Tube

Focus Features:

  • Iron caps on two ends, black imprint.
  • Three-millimeter thick cardboard, able to pack 800gsm tea.
  • Plastic lamination on the outside, avoid water and moisture to come in.
  • Together with the tube, we can supply a thin PET film.

How To Protect Your Tea’s Quality

When it comes to tea packaging tubes, it is essential to talk about the tea storage method. If the tea is not stored correctly, it is easy to lose the smell of fragrance. So how do you store your tea after purchase to ensure it does not deteriorate?

No matter you are a tea guy, or you are a tea supplier, you may be interested in how to keep the tea in high quality- avoid moisture and sunshine. There is no doubt that the cardboard tube is the right way; the corrugated packaging boxes can’t do the same. Below are some tips.

Avoid Moisture

The biggest taboo for preserving tea is moisture. When the water content of the tea reaches 8.8%, it may be moldy; when it reaches 12%, if the temperature is suitable, the mold will be rapidly developed, and the mildew will appear on the tea, which will cause the tea to deteriorate and affect the taste of the tea. Tea is highly hygroscopic. Therefore, do not place the tea in a humid environment such as a kitchen.

As a new type of packaging, the tea packaging tube takes the paper as the primary raw material and has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof properties. It proves the right to use a cardboard tube to prevent the tea from deteriorating due to moisture, so the cardboard tubes are very Suitable for preserving tea.

Avoid High Temperatures

Another preservation taboo for tea is the high temperature. When the temperature of the tea storage environment is too high, the amino acids, sugars, vitamins, etc. in the tea will be decomposed and destroyed, affecting the taste and aroma of the drink. As a cardboard-made package, the cardboard tubes have a good heat insulation effect, which can avoid the stimulation of tea by the high temperature.

Keep Away From Light

The last taboo to preserve tea is to avoid light. When the tea is exposed to sunlight or light, it will promote the oxidation of tea pigments and esters, and can decompose chlorophyll into pheophytin, which has a chemical reaction that affects the quality of the tea. The more high-grade tea, the more sensitive it is to light, so you can’t store it in glass containers or transparent plastic bags. The cardboard packaging tube has an excellent light-proof effect, and the tea can be preserved in a cardboard packaging tube to be away from being deteriorated.

When you are coming back to check the above 3 points, have you found that the UK red tea packaging tube perfectly meets them?