Umbrella Folding Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Material: 250gsm+200gsm+200gsm, B flute.
  • Size and Design: As per the customer’s specific requirement.
  • Printing: Offset printing/ Flexo printing.
  • Color: Common four-color (CMYK) or Pantone color (PMS).
  • Sample Delivery: 5-7 days.
  • Shipment: By Sea/Air/Express.
  • OEM or ODM are welcomed.
  • Works for umbrella packaging, flashlight packaging, LED bulb packaging, and any other large items packaging.

The Benefit of Folding Boxes

Suitable for all printing methods. Its surface can be adapted to letterpress, lithographic, gravure printing, or it can be photo-engraved or decorated with graphics characters to facilitate product promotion and promotion.

Low cost. The use of cardboard to form various types of cartons is cheaper than packaging materials such as metal, plastic, and glass.

Easy to process. It is easier to transform the paperboard into the various shapes of the carton through row cutting, cutting, folding, bonding, and the like.

Accessible to store and transport. The carton is folded before use, significantly reducing the space required for storage and transportation.

Those umbrella folding-boxes are delivered to the UK with a very cost-effective transportation rate since it’s foldable.