Umbrella Rigid Gift Boxes

Focus Features:

  • Top and bottom structure, made of 157gsm art paper laminate on 1000gsm duplex board.
  • Outside packed by a foldable mailer box
  • Printed inside and outside, beautiful box body to fit an umbrella.
  • Pre-pack the umbrella into carton and ship it to you.
  • The custom printing order starts from 1,000 pieces.
Let’s Customize It Now!

Umbrella Packaging Solution

Umbrella packaging mainly includes a carton, paper tube, and paper bag. Shanghai BPS currently produces high-end umbrella carton packaging. If you are looking for a custom umbrella package, you first need a perfect design and a suitable box size.

Those Umbrella rigid gift boxes is a good sample to show you how a custom umbrella packaging box should be- Box outside add a lot of brand element, inside and out. Moreover, if you are an online store or E-commerce owner, you may need to consider an outside package to protect all items. We offer a full solution for you.

If you feel interested in us, just write an email to us.

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