Vacuum Cleaner Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • B flute corrugated cardboard made, 3mm thick to pack a vacuum cleaner.
  • Full-color printing with plastic lamination on the box surface enables the printing color to last longer.
  • Regular slotted carton box, the most cost-effective structure box.
  • Can be reused for many times
  • Fast assemble process, tape the bottom then tape the top flaps.

The Guidance For Household Appliances Packaging Box Design

Proper packaging can introduce themselves. When you are looking for custom packaging to fit your products, you are not only consider packing function, but also the promotional purposes.

Below are two tips You need to follow. This vacuum cleaner packaging box is a good example, working as a home appliance packaging box, also to be a master carton while shipping.

The Packaging Design of Household Appliances Should Highlight The Nature of Advertising

Due to the variety of products and the increasingly fierce market competition, the visual performance of sales packaging is becoming more and more important in advertising design, of which color processing is, of course, an important aspect.

The embarrassment and subtleness of color effects have only a negative impact, so it is necessary to pay attention to the sharpness of the relationship between large colors. For example, Fuji film, significant white and green contrast and white transparent red visual processing, so that the small film box still has a good advertising design effect, the white light sense maintains the product’s attribute idea.

Another example: Coca-Cola’s packaging image has become an international language, and the distinctive red and white colors have produced a strong advertising effect and, at the same time, expressed the performance of the product.

The Packaging Design of Household Appliances Should Highlight The Commerciality

All kinds of goods have specific attributes, so the commerciality of color box packaging is the most significant difference from the general color of the paint. Medical and entertainment products, food and hardware, cosmetics, and stationery have a massive difference in attributes.

The same type of products can also be subdivided. For example, medical supplies include Chinese medicine, western medicine, therapeutic medicine, nourishing medicine, and general medicine.

In this regard, color processing should be explicitly treated, and the sensory elements of color (physical, physiological, psychological) should be exerted. The performance of a typical personality should be sought. For example, blue and green are used to indicate anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, and sedative drug packaging colors; red and brown are used to indicate the color of the nourishing drug package.