What we have available for you

As A professional China Paper packaging Supplier, Shanghai Box Packing Solution Team not only offer paper packaging products but also related services, such as add PET window and PVC window on printed paper boxes and paper bags. Add PP handle, Leather handle, nylon handle, paper handle and plastic handle on the paper bags, rigid cardboard gift boxes, and corrugated boxes. After production finished. We also offer special packing method for your unique products. Shipping service to deliver those printed paper products to your hand. This service is not limited, by the time going, we would offer more and more for you, to make your business going without any packaging related problems.

PET window and PVC window for Paper Box

paper box with PVC window

When you need your customer to see the products inside directly without open the package first, a clear plastic window is needed. Glue the plastic window on the die cut window, then the window is a part of the package. we offer PET window and PVC window for our customers. We stick the window in a non-dust house, to ensure the window is clean, this is important for us offering high-quality packaging boxes. Different thickness and edge cutting method are waiting for you to choose from.

PP | Leather | Nylon | Paper | plastic handles

PP Leather Nylon Paper plastic handles

If the packaging box does not have hang hole itself, then you will need to add an individual handle to the box packaging. It enables the customer carries the box packaging instead of hug the boxes, which is more convenient and fashion, also enable the package quality last longer. We offer PP handle, Leather handle, Nylon handle, paper handle, and plastic handle. They are in different using, some are suitable for paper boxes, some are suitable for paper bags and some are suitable for rigid cardboard gift boxes. Please feel free to consult us when you have no decision in mind!

Packing & shipping for paper packaging

palletized carton boxes shipping loading

After production finish, it is important to check quality and confirm with customers, but from our side. It is also important to choose right packing method for customers, or add special packing method such as hot seal shrink wrap for rigid cardboard gift boxes, and shipping them to customer’s hand. It is a shame that factory produces nice packaging for customers however it damaged some of the shipping time or the package weaker in the transportation turn around.

We supply shrink wrap for corrugated boxes and paper boxes, the plastic bundle of corrugated boxes. Moreover packing belt for corrugated boxes and paper boxes, Kraft paper wrapping, heat shrink wrap for rigid boxes, palletized packing, and master carton packing. We have many years’ working experience with some famous sea shipping lines. Also airlines for bulk order and express company such as DHL/FEDEX/UPS for samples order and small volume bulk order. Trust us, to finalize your business expanding!