Packing The Paper Packaging

As a reliable and professional paper packaging manufacturer, we understand the importance of proper packing and shipping to ensure that our products reach our customers in the best possible condition. That is why we offer a range of packing solutions, including shrink wrap for corrugated boxes and paper boxes, plastic bundle packing, packing belt for corrugated boxes, kraft paper pack, heat shrink wrap for rigid gift boxes, pallet packing, and carton packing for corrugated boxes and gift boxes. We have many years of experience working with reputable shipping companies, including sea shipping lines, airlines, and express companies such as DHL/FEDEX/UPS, to ensure the timely delivery of our customer’s orders. Trust us to take care of all your paper packaging needs.

Shrink Wrap With Pallet
Shrink Wrapping For Carton Box

Shrink wrap is an economical packing method that works well for large quantity orders since the plastic film is affordable. It also provides excellent protection during shipping, which helps prevent damage to paper packaging. However, the disadvantage of using shrink wrap is that it can make the boxes look disorganized since they are only wrapped in plastic.

Plastic Bundle Packing Machine
Plastic Bundle Pack

Plastic bundle packing is a process that is completed using machines at Box Packing Solution Team. Several corrugated boxes are placed into the machine, and the plastic bundle is wrapped around them to secure them in place. To give the packaging a more professional look, it is recommended to add shrink wrapping to the plastic bundle.

Packing Belt For Big Heavy Duty Boxes
Colorful Packing Belt Packing

Packing belt is a type of braided material that can bear the weight of heavy products and withstand harsh weather and rough handling during shipping. By securing the four corners of the packaging with the belt, your products will be well-protected during transportation.

Kraft Paper Packing For Offset Printed Box
Half Packed Kraft Paper Packing

The kraft paper packing method offers protection against dust and moisture, making it an ideal choice for high-value and large-scale products. This eco-friendly packing option is made from kraft paper, but it can be more expensive than other methods.

Heat Shrink Wrap For Cardboard Game Packaging Box
Rigid Cosmetic Packaging Box With Shrink Wrap
Palletized Paper Box
Corrugated Box Ready To Be Loaded Into Container

You may request a pallet to make loading and unloading easier, as it is designed for use with a forklift. We can customize pallets to fit your boxes perfectly, ensuring that they will not move during transportation and providing additional protection. A standard 20-foot container can hold up to 10 pallets, each measuring 1000x1200mm (European pallet size).

Carton Packing Method
Carton Packing Avalible Sizes

Carton packing is a premium packing option that provides the highest level of protection for the contents inside. Although it is more expensive than other packing methods, it is very professional and ensures the highest level of security for your products during shipping and storage. You can also customize your carton packing with shipping marks or direct printing on the box. This method is typically used for packing rigid gift boxes and small paper boxes.

Shipping The Paper Packages To You

Box Packing Solution team also offers customers shipping services. For samples or small-volume cargo, we offer DHL/FEDEX/UPS or other express companies as provided by customers. For bulk orders, we work with well-known shipping companies. We aim to provide a one-stop purchasing team for our customers and potential customers, so they can place their orders and wait for the products to arrive.

Express For Sample And Small Volume Cargo

For samples, we pack them in small envelopes or cartons and wrap them with bubble wrap or plastic film. We arrange for shipping through DHL/FEDEX/UPS express companies. If the express shipment is long, we pack them in carton boxes to ensure package quality. For bulk orders, we bundle them with kraft paper and, if necessary, cover them with a master carton.

Shipping For Cargo

We have established business relationships with major shipping companies such as MAERSK, MSC, CMA-CGM, EVERGREEN, COSCO, APL, and CSC. Prior to production completion, we contact them to reserve the shipping order. Once production and packing are finished, we either send the products to the port warehouse (for LCL) or load them directly into the container (for FCL).

Forklift Loading Into Container For Sea Shipping

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