Box Mockup Service For You

Product Mock-up service enables you to showcase your products on your website, manual, and magazine. It is crucial to know if your target customers like the appearance of your products, especially before they hit the market. Our mock-up service is a value-added service that provides a single or multiple pictures of your product.

Although these pictures are not able to rotate or rotate themselves, we are constantly striving to improve our services. We will release a new 360-degree mock-up service in May 2025, so stay tuned!

Custom Packaging Box Mock-up

Our mock-up service allows you to showcase your products on your website, manuals, and magazines. Before launching your products, it’s crucial to know if your target audience likes their appearance. We offer this value-added service to expand our business scope.

To get started, simply add your artwork to a blank mock-up template, choose a background and unique items, and place your logo in the right position. Our mock-up service provides several benefits:

  1. You’ll receive a high-resolution JPG/PNG/SWG file before sampling.
  2. Our cost-effective plan caters to multiple packaging box mock-up requests.
  3. We offer random backgrounds, printing methods, and printing finishes applied to paper packaging.
  4. Our mock-up service can be coordinated with printed magazines, manuals, business websites, and roll-ups.

We have included several packaging box and paper bag mock-up pictures for you to view:

What Do You Need To Offer For A Packaging Box Mock-up

Our team has created more than 500 different paper packaging mock-up until Mar 2018, listed below:

  • Regular slotted corrugated mock-up
  • Corrugated mailer box mock-up | folding box mock-up
  • Drawer box mock-up
  • Magnet Closure box mock-up | book shape box mock-up
  • Drawer box mock-up
  • Top and bottom box mock-up
  • Paperboard box mock-up
  • Paper bag mock-up
  • Cardboard tube mock-up
  • Keep updated in the future?

We need you to offer some element to finish the mock-up, put them on our smart objects:

  1. Your designed logo
  2. Your artwork (Emoji, text)
  3. Printing finish for your box (glossy, matt, foil stamping, embossing, and debossing)
  4. Position for those elements on the box
  5. Other requests

After this, we can create a functional mock-up for your business.

About The Charge For Packaging Box Mock-up

It depends, from USD50 to USD500, around. It was determined by the artwork quantity, pictures quantity, and special offer. We can deliver them within two days, and we will change them until you are are satisfied without any questions.

Product Mock-up service

More than only packaging demonstration, we can also do mock-up for your products for presentation. Until now, we have done mock-up for T-shirts, coffee beans, wine, beer, cosmetics, and many others. Compare to packaging mock-up, and Product Mock-up have features as below:

  • Include packaging box mock-up, enable to display both packaging and product.
  • Variable backgrounds and small elements to coordinate with your products.
  • To see how your products fit in packaging boxes before doing a real sample.
  • Able to use in the advertisement in marketing, before sales.