Vape ELiquid Packaging Box Tube

Focus Features:

  • Black box primary color and white text
  • Glossy printing finish on the whole tube
  • Separate cap just covers the shoulder of the tube, makes it easy to be opened.
  • MOQ starts from 2,000 pieces with customized printing.
  • Inside can be printed or laminated with the film.

Make A Secure Vape ELiquid Tube Box

eLiquid is the fluid that fuels electronic cigarettes. It contains the nicotine solution and flavorings that are vaporized by the e-cigarette device, creating the vapor that is exhaled, mimicking the smoke of traditional cigarettes. Therefore, it is important to have a tube box that fits the eLiquid container tightly. To achieve this, we measure the dimensions of the real eLiquid product and make the interior dimensions of the tube box accordingly.

Printing On Lid And Bottom

We can print the lid and bottom of the tube separately. This vape ELiquid packaging box tube is just black as a box body, but it can have different colors. A logo, an image, and much more.

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