Watch Outer Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Silver color specialty paperboard, white color logo printed.
  • Matt lamination of the paperboard, add a luxury feel to the box.
  • Snap-lock bottom & Tuck top style, useful and convenient structure.
  • The paperboard material is 350gsm, which is very thick compared to other paperboard quality.
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The Importance of Watch Outer Packaging Box

The watch outer packaging box plays a significant role in watch sales & marketing. As the name implies, the watch box is the box used to wrap the watch. Whether a product has excellent sales performance must be tested by the market, throughout the marketing process.

Communicate with consumers in their unique image language to influence consumers’ first emotions. Consumers are interested in the products they package when they first see them. Unattractive packaging may lead to the loss of potential customers.

Consumers have complex psychological activities before and after purchasing goods, and consumer psychology research shows. The differences in age, gender, occupation, ethnicity, education level, social environment, etc., are divided into many different consumer groups and their different consumer psychology characteristics.

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