Water Proof Phone Case Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Drawer paper box style with hang tab, useful for display and retail sales
  • Clear window patching, enhance your product visibility
  • Embossed gold foil stamping on box surface, full over high gloss varnish
  • Secured tabs on each box side
  • The foldable and fast set-up process
  • Water-proof function, more optional ideas are acceptable

Why Opt For This Product?

It’s great to see that Water Proof Phone Case Packaging Box has incorporated features such as an animated logo and a content window to showcase the product. Printed sleeves are also an excellent way to stand out and gain a competitive edge.

Options For The Sleeves

Water Proof Phone Case Packaging Box created made-to-order and die cut to your needs. Thus you will be able to opt for the precise size you would like.
The sensible minimum quantity starts from 500 units.