White Apparel Paper Packaging Bag Custom Printed

Focus Features:

  • Inside and outside printing, edge printing and bottom printed cardboard pad
  • Black nylon handle, hidden into the bag, give extra strength to bags and make it beautiful, can load 20kgs MAX.
  • Reinforced cardboard is hidden in the bag top folder.
  • The paper bag used for apparel packaging also can be used for the wedding dress and jeans packaging.
  • Multiple printing finishes able to be added onto the bag, for example, hot foil stamping, UV varnish, or even soft touch film.

Logo Should Be The First Seen of An Apparel Paper Bag

When considering custom printed paper bags or shopping bags, it’s important to prioritize the printing aspect. The logo should be made more visible on the paper bag than on other packaging boxes to ensure maximum exposure. Although people may not hold onto custom printed boxes, paper bags are carried around in public, making them a great free advertisement opportunity. For example, if 50 people leave a supermarket with a paper bag displaying your big logo and slogan, it’s a useful form of promotion. The white apparel paper packaging bag in the custom printed sample illustrates this concept well, with the logo taking up around 20 scales of the big side while still appearing well-designed. Customers can simply provide us with their logo, and our designer will lay it out with their excellent aesthetic sense.

Just Tell Us How Heavy of Your Product, We Determine Suitable Material For You

Please focus on your business, and we will take care of everything else after you place an order. Are you worried about the quality of our bag loading? Please rest assured, as we have access to several loading test machines from 3rd party providers, which allows us to test our bags before shipping them to you. All you need to do is let us know the weight of your apparel, and we will decide on the appropriate quality of cardboard material. Additionally, if the weight is too heavy, we have methods to reinforce the handle, bent flap on top, and bottom. Our printed paper bags can carry a maximum weight of 100kgs.

Apparel Packaging Solution Available

Maybe this white apparel paper packaging bag custom printed is just one item you are interested in. However, we offer various other packaging solutions, such as cardboard boxes, rigid gift boxes, thank you cards, bubble mailers, and wrappers, among others. You can check out our apparel and shoe packaging solution page for more details.