White Cardboard Cosmetic Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Three layers corrugated cardboard, E flute. White outside and interior.
  • Flexo printed logo and QR code.
  • Foldable structure, the minimum used of cardboard, means the maximum room inside for products.
  • Self-adhesive sticker on the box flap to secure the box being opened before arriving at the customer’s hand.
  • No set-up costs for such a box style.
Let's Customize It Now!

Rigid Enough For Shipping

We know the cosmetic market is a highly competitive industry, any point of sales weight much. What we can do for you, is just focus on our packaging, offering a high-quality packaging box, protect your products until arriving at your customers’ hands. For mailer boxes, it’s essential to make it rigid. Cosmetic products are fragile, and they need to be well-taking care of. Except for box, we offer wrapping paper and cushion materials to make inside products stable- not shake around.

Big Capacity In Cosmetic Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are being cut into pieces by half-automatic machines, and production capacity can be 80,000 pieces per day. Like the LANCOME white cardboard cosmetic packaging box, we finish order in 4 days for 250,000 pieces, which is almost our MAX capacity. You may not need that many quantities, and we never think your order is too small. Starting from 500 pieces, you can add a custom logo on anywhere of the box.

Useful Information