White Kraft Shipping Box For Wine

Focus Features:

  • Single wall B flute 32ECT cardboard, white kraft paper made.
  • Single black color printing
  • Water-based oil and recycled cardboard
  • For six bottles of wine, and can be customized to any number bottles of wine.


White Kraft Shipping Box for Wine is a slotted carton box style made of three layers of corrugated material consisting of 140gsm white kraft paper, 120gsm corrugated paper, and 120gsm kraft paper. It features black ink printing and is used to package red wine, beer, and other similar products. The minimum order quantity for this box is 500 pieces, and the turnaround time for samples is 7 days, while production takes 10 days. The box is packed with Kraft paper wrapping and wrapped film on the pallets.

The box is designed to fit six-pack wine bottles, but it can also be customized to accommodate more or fewer wine bottles.