Wine Kit Packaging Box with Crocodile Pattern

Focus Features:

  • Upscale wine kit packaging box
  • Crocodile pattern leather exterior
  • Durable leather handle
  • Cut-out EVA foam insert for wine accessories
  • Custom color, printing, and size service
  • Door-to-Door service available


Wine Kit Packaging Box with Crocodile Pattern, it’s an upscale packaging box for two-pack wine.

The exterior of the box is covered in leatherette with a crocodile pattern, and we also offer other patterns for you to choose from. We can also print your logo on the leatherette using various printing processes such as embossing, debossing, silk-screen printing, silver foil stamping, and gold foil stamping.

The lid is attached to the base by a metal hinge, making it very convenient to open and close the box. Additionally, a metal latch ensures that this wine kit packaging box is secure when closed.

The inside of the box is fully covered in black velvet, and we have divided the box into two compartments to prevent the wine bottles from hitting each other during transportation. Each compartment has a quality strap to securely hold the bottles in place. On the lid, there is a cut-out EVA foam insert for wine accessories. The cut-out holes can be customized based on the wine accessories you require.

Custom Service:

  1. Color and pattern of the exterior leatherette;
  2. Box size: depend on your wine bottle size and pack numbers;
  3. Color of the interior velvet;
  4. Wine accessories can be different;
  5. If you have any good idea, please feel free to share with us. We can customize it for you.

Contact us to customize your own wine kit packaging box now. We can ship worldwide to your door.