Wooden Round Tube Packaging for Food

Focus Features:

  • Wooden color printing, separate lift-off cap
  • Double-wall cardboard, stronger than single cardboard wall.
  • Recycled cardboard, sustainable material.
  • Tight-fitting between caps and body, secure inside products well from giving away.

Unique Wooden Effect Packaging

Wooden color printing makes the cardboard seems like a block of real wood, but it costs less and more eco-friendly. Thnk Green is so important when you consider buying cardboard packagings. We have many kinds of wooden effect printing elements in our systems, and those pictures come from real images, artwork designs, and network pictures(commercial license). We believe you could find exactly what you want in our wooden artwork database. Generally, as the picture showed, the wooden round tube packaging for food is so unique, it should stand out in the supermarket.

Matt Finish VS Glossy Finish

Wooden printed packagings sometimes will be laminated with matt plastic film, sometimes with glossy. It depends on what kind of wood you select. Like this wooden round tube packaging for food, it’s a dark color and needs to be a luxury feel, so matt film lamination is the best choice. If you choose natural white wooden, the glossy film will be your taste.

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