Wristband Locator Tracker Packaging Box

Focus Features:

  • Made-to-Size options
  • Round corner to protect finger getting scratched
  • Accurate printing on the top center of the box
  • Foldable in shipping and storage
  • White Kraft interior paper adds the beauty of the whole box
  • Matt Lamination film, waterproof and protect printing work
Let's Customize It Now!
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Description of Wristband Locator Tracker Packaging Box

Same as Smart Home Device Packaging Box, this Wristband Locator Tracker Packaging Box is also made from white corrugated cardboard. The surface paperboard is not a duplex paperboard but a special white paperboard, this gives the paper rigid quality, and excellent printing come out at the same time.

Watch out! We are happy to offer you a free box design if you PM us by email. No matter how big or how small size your box is and how complicated your artwork is, we are ready to go. If you also need a mock-up service, just send back finished printing work to us, we will send you a mock-up to give you a general idea of how the box will look like.

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